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Is there such a thing as a guaranteed scholarship?

Nope. If someone offers you a guaranteed scholarship, that person is most likely a con artist. There are, quite simply, no guarantees in the scholarship game.

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Scholarship Q&A
Should I pay an entry fee for a scholarship? Do you have to be either valedictorian or captain of the basketball team to win money for college? Is it possible to win a scholarship, and then get nabbed for tax evasion? Answers to these and more. more...
  The Essay
The essay you write for your application will give the scholarship board the clearest indication yet of who you are and where you plan on going in life. Keep it specific, personal, unique and effective. more...
Tips for Finding a Winnable Scholarship
Scholarships aren't just for astrophysicists anymore. With a little research, and the help of BrokeScholar, you'll find a number of awards that best match your interests, background and future plans. more...
  Rounding Up References
Contrary to what some might say, you can exert some control over your references. Here are a few ways of finding the best references (read: the least likely to wage a slur campaign against you). more...
Filling Out the Application
Neatness, completeness and organization: three of the most crucial parts of your application. Here are a few more additional tips you'd be wise to heed before attacking the application. more...
  Scholarship Interviews
For those applying for scholarships that require interviews, the thought of meeting a member of the board and being forced to think on one's feet, while also sitting up straight and conversing in an easy manner, is frightening. Here are some helpful tips. more...

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